Thanks to the latest Internet buzz in a variety of forums, including the official Call of Duty 4 forums, there appears to be several new details concerning the upcoming FPS.

First off, we've learned that you'll get experience points during multiplayer time: a kill will net you 2 points, a headshot gets you 3, and an assist gives you 1 point. Along the way, you'll unlock new ranks and skins for your character, as well as new weapons, and you can certainly expect more content via downloads and patches after the game releases. The last tidbit regarding multiplayer is a little disappointing: there will be no vehicles for multiplayer modes; they only exist in the single-player campaign.

Another feature that popped up involves both the single-player and multiplayer modes. Apparently, the game will include "hardpoints," which are certain locations on the map that will give you a significant advantage over the enemy. The hardpoint is neutral until you've claimed it as your own, and returns to neutral if you leave it. It's an interesting idea, and quite realistic, considering how crucial position is on a battlefield.

Lastly, we have the unveiling of a new game format: Realism Mode. It's not for the casual or impatient, though; you will die with one – yes, one – shot in this mode, which is uber-realistic. In fact, it sounds even harder than that, as getting shot didn't necessarily mean death… But whatever, it'll be a great option for the hardcore.

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