Not surprisingly, the launch of the PS3 in Europe has generated plenty of interest in Sony's Blu-Ray format. Blu-Ray disc sales surged after the release of the system in North America last November, and the same thing has happened in Europe after their PS3 launch this past March.

The Blu-Ray Disc Association has reported that Blu-Ray discs have accounted for almost 87% of all HD disc sales since the PS3's release. This is extremely significant because Sony's format had trailed Toshiba's HD-DVD up until the advent of the PS3, but Blu-Ray hasn't trailed since. This is on par with with the rest of the world now, as recent reports had Blu-Ray outselling HD-DVD by an almost 3:1 ratio.

The most recent statistics say Blu-Ray is now leading the format war with 64% of the total volume in 2007. It's more good news for Sony, especially considering how hard they've been pushing the HD capability of the PS3. Now, if the price drop occurs this year – and it certainly appears possible – consumers will be seeing the cheapest, most diverse Blu-Ray player on the market.

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