The first set of commercials for the PS3 were all kinds of artistic and subtle…but they were also a touch confusing. Sony is famous for such PlayStation ads, but now, they're launching a brand new campaign in the U.S. You'll soon start seeing them on television, and here is one of the pics from that campaign.

Now, this seems somewhat standard to us. In fact, it looks very similar to the Wii commercials, which focuses on "player fun" and typically shows multiple gamers having a blast with the system. But the rumor is that this new campaign is called "Sony Lifestyle," which may have a bigger message behind the multiplayer entertainment pics we've been seeing.

There is also the possibility that the campaign is targeting an older, more mature audience, but that wouldn't be too surprising. We'll have to wait and see what the actual spoken content of these ads will be, but we doubt it'll be as straightforward as the pics. …this is Sony, after all.

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