It was one of the first next-gen titles to appear on the radar a couple years ago, and it generated plenty of interest, especially in regards to the PS3. FPS fans have been loving the franchise for quite some time now, and they're all anxiously anticipating this installment.

We never knew when the game might be arriving, but the latest buzz is very clear: Midway has the game scheduled for a September 3 release in the U.S. and September 28 in Europe. Epic has apparently moved past their "basking in the glow" phase for Gears of War , and started moving on UT 3, which should be one of the year's hottest titles. If the date is indeed correct, and we're about 99% certain it is, that would place it in competition with the likes of Halo 3 , which comes out in the U.S. on September 22. And that will be awfully interesting…which FPS to get come fall?

Well, probably both. It's very likely that both will be very worth buying. We'll be sure to let you know if this date changes, by the way.

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