Hardware has followed software's trend. Last week both
hardware and software sales dipped, and this week the fall
continues a bit more. Primarily handheld sales were affected the
most, as other consoles didn't budge very much. Nintendo DS sales
dropped down to 111k units sold, and the PSP dropped down below
the 30k mark with 27.5k sold. Home consoles were virtually
unaffected, as they all managed to sell nearly the very same
amount of units this week compared to last week. The Wii is still
going strong with 52k, meanwhile the PS3 sold a mere 8,659. June
7th will see the release of Folksoul, and June 14th will see
Ninja Gaiden Sigma – both titles should hopefully bump sales of
the PS3 a bit.

Nintndo DS – 111,239
Nintendo Wii – 52,193
Sony PSP – 27,505
Sony PS2 – 10,881
Sony PS3 – 8,659
Xbox 360 – 2,026

May 6th-13th:

Nintendo DS – 163,824
Nintendo Wii – 52,544
Sony PSP – 34,433
Sony PS2 – 10,414
Sony PS3 – 8,839
Xbox 360 – 2,105

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