Many long-time followers of the vaunted Resident Evil franchise weren't happy with how last year's RE6 came out.

And although the game ended up shipping over 5 million copies worldwide, Capcom remains sensitive to fan displeasure, and they're "currently analyzing the causes" as to why the title came up a little short.

In a recent Question & Answer session , the publisher tried to explain why RE6 didn't exactly meet gamer expectations. They say the issue involved their "internal development operations and sales operations," and they're still examining the issue:

"…we believe that the new challenges we tackled at the development stage were unable to sufficiently appeal to users. In addition, we believe there was inadequate organizational collaboration across our entire company with regard to marketing, promotions, the creation of plans and other activities. We will have to examine these results from several perspectives. We will reexamine our internal operating frameworks in order to identify areas that need to be improved concerning development as well as sales and administrative operations."

Capcom has been on record saying that RE6 "lost its momentum" after a solid launch that saw sales of 4.5 million in October. They expected to ship over 7 million copies worldwide but as you can see, they fell well shy of that anticipated number. There's a chance that the publisher might opt to reboot the franchise, which could be exactly what the fans want…provided Capcom understands that the fans want a survival/horror game.

This is starting to sound suspiciously like another Japanese company that apparently has no clue what its followers want…

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