Sure, Japanese gamers got MotorStorm well before we did; it was a launch release in November of 2006, but that doesn't mean it's all roses over there. They didn't get an online mode, and they've been waiting on some online downloadable content ever since the game became available. But Sony is finally ready to deliver an expansion pack for the game, which will feature 12-player online play and a new Time Attack mode. The pack should be ready for June 20.

And it doesn't end with the pack; Sony will also deliver a demo alongside the expansion. The demo will boast one course and two vehicles for gamers to toy around with, but it will not support multiplayer. Both the expansion and demo will be free (yay!), but Sony has also announced some other MotorStorm content for their Store that won't be. The Booster Pack Vol. 1 and New Machine Pack Vol. 1 are scheduled to hit the Store some time in July, but we don't have price tags just yet.

Okay, Japanese gamers, you're getting your content. You had to wait a bit longer, but late is always better than never, right?

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