It's an interesting comparison, don't you think? Which will be the better action game in the first quarter of 2013?

Platinum's Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance hits in February while God of War: Ascension drops in March, and action aficionados everywhere are likely intrigued by both. But in your estimation, which will end up being the superior hackin' experience?

Perhaps it's safe to assume the following: Ascension will have better overall polish and production values, as that's precisely what the franchise is known for. On the flip side, Revengeance might appeal more to the hardcore fighting fanatics, as it might be more complex and feature a stiffer learning curve. After all, Platinum was responsible for one of this generation's deepest, most intricate and most demanding combat mechanics, which was found in Bayonetta .

But this all depends on your definition of "best action game," right? For some, it's more about accessibility and those super high production values, while others place all their eggs in the complexity basket; i.e., "I want to spend my life learning these combos and only then will I get the requisite satisfaction." Then again, what about story? It usually isn't the biggest factor in such a genre but it can certainly have a positive or negative impact on the overall quality of a game. Me, I'd give the edge to Ascension just because I've never been all that impressed with any of Platinum's narratives. But Ascension might feel a tad empty, too.

So what do you say?