If you check out Sony's semi-official ThreeSpeech blog , they've decided to take a bunch of feedback from UK gamers concerning the PS3. The system, launched back in March in the region, shattered all sales records at the time (perhaps due to a more robust launch software lineup), but there are plenty of issues left to talk about. Sony's question to new owners: "Tell us how you're getting on with it! Any surprises that have turned up along the way?!"

In general, there is plenty of well-deserved praise for the likes of Resistance: Fall of Man and MotorStorm , and many gamers stated their appreciation for the HD and Blu-Ray features. But there are the typical complaints as well; too expensive, not enough games or Store content, etc. Unfortunately, Europe hasn't seen the same level of content Japan and the U.S. have seen in the PlayStation Store.

Here are a few of the comments posted on the blog:

" The PS3 is great, RFOM, Motorstorm, Obliviion all brilliant. The one area I am disapointed in is the Playstation store. No PS1 games, very few demos and not much in the way of trailers. It would be really nice to have a lot more appearing on the store ." (Our reply- we literally get weekly updates here in the U.S.; how come Sony can't do the same for our neighbors across the pond?)

" Motorstorm and Resistance are the biggest selling points…but I have had a blast playing Virtua Fighter 4 as well and tried out the Virtua Tennis demo quite a lot…I’m definitely gonna buy it ASAP, seems like a blast to play in with friends…:) I’m really satisfied with my purchase the only thing that bothers me is that I still haven’t gotten around to add any people as friends on PSN, but I have only myself to blame for that I guess "

" The Ps3 is a great piece of kit which is having a slow start in the software department. Because of this, I’m not sure whether I could fully recommend one to someone who is can’t afford all 3 next-gen consoles. I’d like to say, ‘wait until xmas, it may be cheaper and their will be some great games out’… until then, if you’re desperate, get yourself a 360. Then sell it around xmas time to put towards a nice shiny ps3. "

" I’m happy with it, but not sure i could reccomend it to regular gamers yet, there just aren’t enough games yet to keep everyone happy. I’m loving FOM but had there been more choice at release it’s probably not a game i would have bought. Can’t wait for Ratchet and Clank! I bought it for the media features as well and it shows a lot of promise but you have the ‘it’s not quite there yet’ feeling with it. Sony sold it as a home media hub, why can’t it connect to anything else yet!

I’m fairly confident it will be a great buy in about a years time and as an early adopter you have to accept you are not going to have everything straight away. But i do also wonder why i’m playing q*bert on a £400 machine! "

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