The Electronics Entertainment Expo as we knew it may be gone, but the first annual E for All Expo will arrive at the Los Angeles Convention Center between October 18 – 20. And while it may have changed significantly, that's not stopping organizers IDG from moving forward and scheduling the 2008 show.

The point of the new show is to target consumers; let them view and play upcoming games for the next year. With that concept in mind, IDG has announced the E for All Expo 2008 will indeed happen, and it's currently scheduled for August 28 – 30. Obviously, we don't have any other details just yet – let's wait until after this year's E for All, right? – but we'll keep an eye on things.

The 2007 show will feature tournaments, art exhibitions, a Business Zone for industry attendees, and even a live Video Games concert. It certainly sounds like it'd be geared toward the gamer and not the journalist or industry professional, so let's hope it's a success. Then, we can expect the same kind of format for the 2008 event.

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