There's no doubt that Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is a godsend for so many die-hard JRPG followers.

And for some, they fully expected Level-5's top-tier production to be their personal Game of the Year for 2013. Although the majority of those who responded to our latest poll said Ni no Kuni couldn't possibly end up being their GotY, there were quite a few who considered it a possibility. And that's saying something, don't you think?

Garnering worldwide critical acclaim and what we hope are robust sales, the game has managed to steal the hearts of a great many. I have my issues with it and I still believe too many are turning a blind eye to the obvious issues for the sake of nostalgia, but you know, in retrospect, I'm fine with that. I'm happy that this title has received such fantastic acclaim among critics and gamers alike, primarily because it means other designers might not balk at making similar titles in the future.

This week, what with all the controversy surrounding violent video games, we've got an important question for you. We won't ask if you think violent gaming leads to real-world violence because we get the feeling we could predict the results. Instead, let's get a little more specific: Do you think the government should make the ESRB ratings legally binding?

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