Many have been concerned about Japanese gaming lagging behind their Western counterparts in terms of technical achievement and general quality.

But there are still plenty of uber-talented Japanese developers out there, and some of them work for Platinum Games. Director/producer Atsushi Inaba and President and CEO Tatsuya Minami, for example.

And during another edition of "Iwata Asks" (as cited at DualShockers ), Minami took it upon himself to comment on the current status of Japanese development, and how his company is faring in regards to promoting Japanese quality:

"It’s often said these days that Japanese industries are looking sluggish. But I don’t think so. With what we make, I want to show the world the strength of what it means to be made in Japan and to play a part in that work, and I think that has great significance for developing PlatinumGames on a worldwide scale. As a result, having people say, 'Japanese games really are great,' was one of my purposes in founding PlatinumGames, so my goal is to achieve that…blaming the times is just an excuse. So we strongly want to be a studio that can win with games that are made in Japan."

Platinum has already delivered the critically acclaimed Vanquish and Bayonetta , and they're currently working on Bayonetta 2 (for the Wii U) and are just about ready to bring Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance to market. So they do seem to be doing their part…but it may not be enough, as other industry insiders have stated in the past.