Sony is used to the courtroom by now. Their most recent conflict with Immersion forced the electronics giant to pay $97 million in damages and interest, and now, they're headin' back to the courtroom.

This time, according to GameSpot, it's California-based Target Technology Company suing Sony over "alleged patent violations relating to the Blu-Ray technology used in the system." Target Technology claims that items marketed under the Blu-Ray title infringe on a patent they own for reflective layer materials in optical discs. Target isn't saying all Blu-Ray discs violate the patent, but if it holds any water, it could pose problems for Sony. Target Technology filed for their patent in April of 2004 and received it in March of 2006.

They're also claiming "deliberate and willful infringement," looking for damages and interest, and seeking a permanent injunction which would prevent Sony from continuing to violate the patent rights. Whether this turns into a massive court battle or the two parties decide to settle remains to be seen, but for now, Sony hasn't made any official replies to the suit.

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