Some rumors just never die, and that's usually because there's a nugget of truth to them. One of the biggest prevailing rumors since the launch of the PS3 was that Sony would bring back the rumble; the Sixaxis obviously doesn't have it, and some gamers don't like that change. Over the months, there has been whispers of third-parties making controllers with rumble, but now, there's a rumor that says Sony themselves might be ready to return the feature to their own controller.

The rumor got a boost thanks to the rumor section in the latest issue of PSM, where it says Sony might announce rumble support for the Sixaxis at this year's E3. It wouldn't happen immediately, though; the rumor states we wouldn't see the feature officially return to the Sixaxis until November, but even so…it's a bold prediction. Supposedly, the newly revamped controller would support both the tilt/motion-sensing capability and rumble.

The rumor returned in full force when Sony and Immersion finally settled their court battle and resolved their differences, but Sony has continually denied they'd use rumble again. They've often called it a "last-gen feature," but perhaps the ensuing fan outcry changed their minds. Guess we'll have to wait 'til E3 to find out the truth.

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