It was a big day for Red Mile Entertainment yesterday, as they first announced Jackass: The Game and now, they've also announced they'll be working on games based on Frank Miller's "Sin City." The graphic novels were the inspiration behind the successful 2005 movie, starring Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba.

According to Red Mile's CEO, Chester Aldridge, the team is "enthusiastic about working with Frank Miller to create a franchise that is worthy of this great property." Obviously, this is exactly the kind of storyline and setting that could make for a very intriguing video game, so we expect good things. Aldridge says the "richly detailed characters and hyper-real action sequences" will probably make a game really worth examining.

At this time, they haven't mentioned platforms or estimated release dates, but we'll let you know when any details pop up. It's actually surprising we didn't see a game based on the movie two years ago, but hey, at least we get one now. Let's just hope it turns out okay; the concept is nigh-on perfect, but we all know about the general fate of games based on films…

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