The Network isn't just about demos and updates, it's also about classic arcade titles returning to the limelight via the PlayStation Store. Several have already arrived on both the Network and Xbox Live, and new gamers are getting a chance to see what these timeless classics were like.

The latest is Joust , which arrives today in North America for the Network, according to Sony Online Entertainment. That's right, grab your lance, mount your ostrich (yes, ostrich, new-age game fans), and battle your way to supremacy! Midway's arcade classic is fast, furious, and a whole lot of fun, so don't miss out on the opportunity to grab it.

The game will also feature multiplayer options, which should be a fantastic addition. You can work cooperatively to exterminate the enemies, or challenge people from all over the globe in a versus match. Of course, you'll be able to compare your skills to other players by way of the leaderboards, so there's no excuse not to jump online and play an ol' 1980s mainstay!

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