Next week, Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories hits the PSN . But, as the subject line of an Atlus email read yesterday-

Did you play the first one?

Yep, don't forget that the original title in this esteemed strategy/RPG franchise, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness , is currently on the PSN and ready for download. It goes for only $9.99 and considering the sheer amount of bang for your buck, that's a steal and a half.

This was the game that started it all, and one that hauled down crazy high review scores (much to the surprise of many). Suddenly, thanks to the unbelievable critical reception, fans of the genre started flocking to stores to grab the super in-depth strategy game with a loopy title. Featuring a true turn-based mechanic and that patented sense of humor that is just beyond bizarre (but always entertaining), Hour of Darkness was an instant classic. If you missed out, it's time to remedy that unfortunate mistake.

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