You know, this is almost like getting two games for the price of one. Pretty close.

If you're planning to pick up Ninja Theory's DMC this week, you might want to consider ordering from Best Buy, especially if you've been meaning to play Resident Evil 6 .

For a limited time, the retailer is offering the following deal – Purchase the Devil May Cry reboot for the standard price of $59.99 and you can add Resident Evil 6 to your cart for only $9.99. You can opt for either the PS3 or Xbox 360 version of both games in question, too. Although Capcom has gotten on the nerves of many fans over the past year or so, you gotta give 'em a little credit for this one. RE6 is still pretty new; it only launched in October and it turned out to be pretty darn popular, despite lukewarm reviews. We had a tough time analyzing it; it suffered from a big identity crisis .

So anyway, DMC and Resident Evil 6 for $70. Not bad.

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