It's good to be a PlayStation Plus member, isn't it?

They get free stuff, significant discounts, early access to important beta tests, cloud data storage, and other perks. But let's face it, that "free" feature is perhaps the biggest draw.

So far in 2013, Plus subscribers already got games like NBA Jam: On Fire Edition for free, and now another solid title can be had free of charge. As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , it's the original Darksiders . Although it didn't necessarily haul down the highest praise from us , this Vigil Games product was mighty entertaining and well worth your time. And besides, you'll want to play it because it acts as a lead-in for the much better Darksiders II , which was definitely one of the top games of 2012. Play as War in one, as Death in the other…how much more appealing can two protagonists get?

And keep checking the PSN for future Plus deals and steals.

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