If you were worried that Batman: Arkham City might be the last Batman game you'll see for a while, we've got good news. Well, potentially.

Warner Bros. doesn't appear ready to leave the Caped Crusader behind, as according to Fusible , the publisher has registered no less than 15 new domains apparently pertaining to the video game world of Arkham.

Domains include arkhamuniverse.com, batmanarkhamuniverse.com, batmanarkhamknight.com, and batmanarkhamorigins. There's no knowing what these domains are for just yet, but we have to assume that more Batman games are coming; perhaps the next will be called "Batman: Arkham Universe" or "Batman: Arkham Origins" or something. The latter title certainly makes one think of a prequel, doesn't it? Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were multi-million sellers and multiple award winners, so it would be no surprise to see a new project from developer Rocksteady. However, there were rumors of them working on a new Superman game…although that could've just been wishful thinking from a few die-hard fans.

At any rate, we definitely want to see Batman return.