Far Cry 3 is undoubtedly one of the best games of 2012 and if you want the experience to continue, we've got good news.

Well, it's good news if you're a PlayStation 3 owner. During the latest Blogcast , Sony announced that the first piece of downloadable content for Ubisoft's popular shooter will launch exclusively on the PS3 on January 15. That's Tuesday, folks, so get ready for more fun!

It's called High Tides and it'll be free . The expansion adds two new co-op chapters (Jailbreak and Redemption), which pick up where the first six left off. You can also expect tougher encounters and "explosive moments unlike anything you've seen before. There's no knowing when or if High Tides will be made available for Xbox 360 and PC players although we assume it'll show up at some point. Just be happy that PS3 owners get exclusive DLC for once. Ubisoft is actually pretty good about that, as Assassin's Creed fans well know by now, right?

Far Cry 3 is well worth the investment, if you missed out in December.

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