Well, last week's rumored firmware 2.00 update for the PlayStation 3 can now be confirmed as fake, as Sony has announced the follow up update as being firmware 1.80. Firmware 1.80 is a huge update for PlayStation 3 owners, as its best new function is one that we've been waiting for for a long time – upscaling of PlayStation 2 and PSOne games, on top of DVD movies. The PlayStation 3 will be able to output up to 1080p for any one of the chosen mediums, which means no blurry or hazy pictures when playing your games or movies on your HDTV set. So go on an enjoy your old movies and games in glorious HD clarity!

Firmware 1.8 will also allow PSP's with the new firmware 3.5 to be able to remote play via PS3. In other words, the PSP can now read stored content on the PlayStation 3 from anywhere in the world. If you're in London and have internet access (or a hotspot) you can launch your PSP to connect to your PS3 all the way back home in New York and stream music, videos, and images from your console. When you're session is done and your connection is closed, the PSP will shut off the PS3. Amazing isn't it?

This feature isn't just limited to the PSP, as the firmware will enable DNLA3 in the PS3 which will allow you to wirelessly connect your DNLA3 compatible laptop, computer, or home network to your PS3 and stream content from it anywhere you are. Visit http://www.dlna.org/en/consumer/home for more information.

The update should go live around midnight on the 24th of May.

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