Call of Duty: Black Ops II was the biggest entertainment launch of 2012 and now, Activision is prepared to add to it. You knew they would.

The publisher has announced the first "massive Downloadable Content (DLC) Pack" for the record-setting title: As previous rumors indicated, it's called Revolution and it'll be available on January 29 exclusively on Xbox Live "with other platforms to follow." Yes, of course PS3 players have to wait.

In less than two months time, fans have logged over 427 million hours of online multiplayer action and hey, things are just getting started. More DLC is destined to arrive in the future. As for Revolution, it will introduce you to "unexpected new locales the world over." This includes "Downhill" set in the French Alps, "Hydro" set in a Pakistani dam facility, "Mirage" set in a dilapidated luxury resort in the Gobi Desert, and "Grind," which will take place in "the historic birthplace of skateboarding," California's Venice Beach. Said Treyarch Studio boss Mark Lamia:

"With Black Ops II, the team set out to challenge assumptions about what fans should expect from Call of Duty, and there's no exception with Revolution. It starts with the massive amount of content that Revolution offers: four distinct multiplayer maps, an entirely new Zombies map and new Zombies mode, and a new bonus weapon. But quantity is just the start – it's the variety of new gameplay options in Revolution that sets it apart, making it our most compelling DLC offering to date, and a must-play experience for Call of Duty fans."

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