E3 had to suffer a "thinning-down" process, but that just makes all the other game events that much bigger. The 2007 Leipzig Games Convention (GC) kicks off three months from now, and reportedly, over 40% of the available floor space has already been booked by exhibitors.

"The GC continues its success story again in 2007," said Peggy Schönbeck, the GC project director. "The current registration figures for the Business Center prove that Leipzig is the industry's most important fixture, including for international exhibitors."

There will be many recognizable companies at the show, including a ton of returnees. Just about all the major players in the industry will be there, including Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, EA, Take-Two Interactive, Konami, Sega, Ubisoft, Eidos, and Disney.

"We expect crowds of national and international trade visitors at the GC 2007," says Bernd Reinartz, PR manager at Activision Deutschland. "To be prepared for that, we are expanding our presentation at this year's fair."

Sure, everyone knows about E3, but be aware: there are several other major videogame events every year, and you're gonna hear about 'em. E3 is no longer the "one and only," so be prepared to soak it all up from multiple sources this year (and beyond).

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