It's one of the most critically acclaimed games of the year, and the good news for  TellTale Games is that it's also one of the most popular.

According to what studio CEO Dan Connors told The Wall Street Journal , there have been about 8.5 million total episodes sold of The Walking Dead saga.

Interestingly, about 1/4 of the overall sales came from iOS devices and at about $5 per episode, that's a take of over $40 million, not including any promotions (and there have been lots of those). When asked how big the overall project was, TellTale compared it to their past titles ( Jurassic Park , Monkey Island , etc.) and said that essentially, The Walking Dead took "years" to build:

"It’s really the culmination of years of building to this that makes The Walking Dead possible. Our tools can do these things and we are just going to keep growing from there. Everything has been an investment in creating great storytelling and great dramatic experiences that work across multiple platforms. Cost-wise, it’s 40% more expensive than other games, but it’s not huge."

The Walking Dead took home Game of the Year honors at the Spike TV Video Game Awards 2012 and has received plenty of acclaim and praise from critics all around the world. If you haven't taken the time, you gotta download that first episode and give it a try.

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