You wouldn't expect an ancient poem to inspire massive Hollywood action productions and video games, but hey, new things happen every day. The epic poem, "Beowulf," penned by an anonymous author many centuries ago, will be the inspiration behind Robert Zemeckis' upcoming blockbuster movie of the same name. Actually, The 13th Warrior with Antonio Banderas was also loosely based on the poem, but this film looks like a more accurate adaptation.

And of course, there will be a game based on the movie, and so far, it appears to only be confirmed for the PS3. According to the French website, Play France , Ubisoft's plans are quite clear. We don't have any translated information as of yet, but we did notice the last bit of a descriptive paragraph: "domaine du hack and slash." …wow, "hack and slash" is a universal term in video games now, huh?

Anyway, that would make perfect sense, considering Beowulf was a great warrior who battled the monster Grendel in a massive confrontation. So it would stand to reason there might be some fighting involved. We'll bring you more details when they become available, and keep an eye out for the movie, too!

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