What are the top three games for girls according to Japanese developers and gamers?

Well, according to Siliconera , the very interesting results are in from a recent poll

Japanese developers picked Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f as the best game for girls, while readers of SPA! Magazine selected the acclaimed RPG, Atelier Totori: Adventurer of Arland . Second place went to Persona 4 Golden and the previously mentioned Hatsune Miku came in third; the latter title was the only one mentioned on both lists. It's interesting to see Atelier Totori as the fan pick for "Best Girl Game" or whatever…is it just because the main character is female? Or is this saying that girls really love RPGs just as much – if not more – than boys? Maybe that wouldn't be surprising.

Of course, this is a Japanese poll so it would surely be different in this country. What would be your picks as the best games for girls?