Flight games aren't always the most popular titles out there, but the Blazing Angels series has done quite well in the past. Squadrons of WWII came out last year for the PS3 (it had already appeared on the 360 and PC earlier in 2006), and now, the sequel will be heading to those same three platforms.

In looking at Ubisoft's updated release schedule, they've confirmed that Blazing Angels: Secret Missions will release simultaneously on the PS3, 360, and PC on August 31. Just like its predecessor, this one is set in World War II, and the story will center on experimental technology in development towards the end of the war (which reminds us of the original Medal of Honor ). Therefore, you will play as an Allied pilot who has special access to experimental aircraft and weaponry…are we talking never-before-seen stuff, here? And is it realistic or fantasy? Well, either way, "experimental" usually means "cool," so we're good with that.

Secret Missions will utilize a brand new engine to drive the gameplay, and will also feature new multiplayer modes; one of which is the very interesting "Epic Battle" mode. This involves two teams fighting in a large-scale battle with bases to conquer and objectives to fulfill. It almost sounds like a full single-player mission fused into multiplayer, doesn't it? So, come the end of summer, you might want to give this one a shot.

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