The last update for MotorStorm was crazy big, but clearly, that's not enough. Of course, there's plenty there, so maybe it'll tide you over until "Coyote Weekend" hits in June.

A new pack full of content is on the way, and according to Eurogamer, it will include three new groups of races, an altered Coyote Rage map, and different vehicle configurations for all the current racetracks. As if that weren't enough, gamers will also get a sweet new vehicle (don't know what it is yet, though), and a brand new "Eliminator" multiplayer mode. We assume it's the same as Eliminator modes in other racing games; you simply race around a track, and whichever racer is last after each lap gets eliminated.

No price has been issued for Coyote Weekend at this point, but we do know Sony might be prepping "lighter" downloadable packs for those who find Coyote too pricey. But we doubt it'll be that bad; it's just downloadable content, after all…much appreciated content, of course, but how much could it possibly cost? We'll let ya know when we find out, which will probably be at the same time we learn of the exact release date.

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