In Taipei (formerly known as Taiwan), an industry gathering called the Taipei Game Show is currently being held. In a nutshell, the Taipei Game Show is an attempt to give Chinese game publishers their own version of Japan's Tokyo Game Show or America's Electronic Entertainment Expo. For weeks now, people have speculated as to what type of showing Sony would bring to Taipei. Would they unveil new PlayStation 3 demos, or perhaps playable code? Now that the show is upon us and we have a contributor on the floor, we unfortunately have to report to you that Sony isn't showing anything new in Taipei.

Outside of the company's booth, there are women in tiny white vinyl skirts prancing about and striking obscene poses with motorcycles, sometimes gesturing viewers over to LCD panels showing off current PlayStation 2 software. In the back, inside a large black enclosure, is an area for people to view the same PlayStation 3 video reel that was shown off at the Tokyo Game Show more than three months ago (and to a lesser extent, at E3 in May of 2005).

The line to get in to view the presentation certainly is impressive however, snaking back around Sony's area and saddling patient attendees with a 90-minute wait.

Contrary to Sony's subdued presence, MMORPG publisher Webzen has a huge presence at the show, mostly occupied by their forthcoming PC massively-multiplayer role-playing game "SUN: Soul of the Ultimate Nation." They have men dressed in armor and women dancing on poles. Not sure what that has to do with role-playing, but hey… when in Taipei.

Microsoft has a booth here as well, although it's just a bunch of demo kiosks running current games like Kameo, Project Gotham Racing 3, and various XBLA downloads. The reps and booth babes staffing the Microsoft area appear to be utterly disinterested… and possibly intoxicated.

Nintendo is a complete no-show in Taipei.

Hmmm… Sony is showing off old demos and doesn't have any working PS3 hardware on display. This certainly lends credence to analyst grumblings that suggest that Sony won't meet their spring 2006 promise and probably won't ship any units until the fall.

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