Ready for some downloadable content for Call of Duty: Black Ops II ? Yeah, I know, silly question. Of course you are.

If you're interested in the prospect of extra online CoD DLC, you should check out the image that recently popped up on Reddit , which appears to be a leaked confirmation of Black Ops II DLC called "Revolution."

We're seeing what appear to be five fresh locations: Mirage, Grind, Die Rise, Downhill, and Hydor. Die Rise boasts a picture of a solider who could be a member of the walking undead, although that might not surprise anyone. The only downside for PlayStation 3 owners is that this may be a timed Xbox 360 exclusive that launches on January 29, with a PS3 release coming some time later. However, that shouldn't surprise anyone, either, as the 360 is usually in line for fresh CoD content before the PS3.

We'll have to see if Activision makes any of this official in the coming weeks. It seems pretty likely.

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