That Portal gun (which of course isn't really a "gun") is widely recognizable and beyond that, just so very cool.

Valve understands this, so they're getting into the giving mood of the season by giving a charity a signed replica Portal gun to auction off on eBay .

This is for the Games Art and Music charity event in Florida; the show is over but you can still contribute by trying to nab this excellent collectible. All funds will go directly to the Child's Play Charity, too, so you're kinda helping out two different charities at once. The current bid sits at $990.00 US so if you think you've got what you need in your bank account, go ahead and compete. Just bear in mind that there are less than two hours left…!

Oh, we didn't figure you'd want to bid. Just that you'd want to know about it. It's just a nice thing to do. 🙂