Part of Devil May Cry 's appeal has always been its awesome atmosphere and style.

The franchise's protagonist, Dante, is quite familiar with the term "style," as is his half-brother, Vergil. Both have been mainstays in the popular and acclaimed series, and both will return in next year's DMC .

So here are some new Japanese trailers that feature the highly capable bros, squaring off against all kinds of nasty foes…hey, that rhymes. Which do you think comes out on top in the style category? Which earns more points for looking totally bad-ass while walloping any demon dumb enough to come at them? Personally, I'll give the edge to Dante but I might be a little biased. I've always hated Vergil after taking forever to beat him at the end of DMC3…good GOD that freak was hard. Well, the whole damn game was hard.