Well, of course. Is any game even allowed to launch without multiplayer these days?

The Tomb Raider reboot is one of the most anticipated games of 2013 and at first, it appeared to be a single-player-only adventure, as past franchise installments have been.

But hey, if God of War: Ascension is going to have multiplayer, why not Lara Croft's prequel? According to All Games Beta , UK retailer GAME has listed multiplayer as one of the key features for Tomb Raider . The description is brief but quite clear, as players will be able to sample "a variety of multiplayer modes as Lara's Shipmates or Yamatai's Scavengers." It might end up being something like the Uncharted multiplayer, what with its third-person view and emphasis on action/adventure (and not purely action).

Square Enix has teased everyone by saying they're going to announce something that will "change the way you play Tomb Raider forever." Well, considering that the series has never had multiplayer, maybe we've discovered the secret early.

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8 years ago

Hmm, square enix teasing that they will change the way you play an established franchise forever… sound familiar?

Lol, I'm sure it will be fine but I don't wanna be some dorky shipmate, I just wanna play as Lara.

8 years ago

gotta love it how desperate sites are getting for hits lately.
since when are game retailer sites reliable?
are we forgetting the multitude of times retailers have been oh so wrong?
i remember when the said company, game, actually had splinter cell conviction listed for the ps3 with a release date and price.
how did that turn out?
same thing happened to alan wake, and a few others.
pissed myself laughing the other day when people received emails from amazon about GTAVs new march 27 release date, and now everyones taking it as gospel.
if i had a nickel for every time a retailer website was inaccurate, id, well, you get the point by now.

i cant see this getting MP, its far too close to release if it is for developers to just come out and say oh yeah by the way we added MP.
not to mention it recently got delayed so allot of people are going to be pissed blaming the MP addition for it.
plus, its not really a series that would suit MP.
its allot more exploration and puzzle based than what uncharted is, and the MP in that does not resemble the series at all!
just a gears of war wannabee!

8 years ago

I understand multiplayer in a game with many characters or massive gameplay, but in a game with one main character… well, they ALL can't be Lara. lol

8 years ago

Lol @ above^^ comment considering its been confirmed.