If you're at all familiar with the Assassin's Creed franchise, you know all about the Leap of Faith.

It's when the main character – be it Altair, Ezio, or Connor – leaps from a ridiculous height, swan-diving into a pile of hay. That hay could be lying on the ground in a heap, or it might be stacked in the back of a cart. Either way…it's hay. And he's sometimes falling from like a hundred feet or more.

Obviously, there's some supernatural sh** going on there. But in a YouTube spoof of the daring act in question, two guys try to test the softness of hay. Can it really be that soft? Well, the answer comes when you're wearing several casts and being fed applesauce while your buddy plays the game you were trying to emulate. This one is definitely worth watching. Have a post-Christmas laugh!