We all remember certain old games with a grin on our faces, and one of those classics is California Games . Yeah, that's right, the one that let you pull off mean half-pipe maneuvers, bounce along extreme BMX tracks, and knock that silly seagull out of the sky with a hacky-sack. Well, according to PS3 Fanboy, it's coming back.

System 3, based in London, will take this name made famous by Epyx and create something different for both the PS3 and Wii. We don't yet know if they're talking sequel or remake (or something else), but we do know it will arrive for both the Store and as a retail product. Of course, "Store" means "Network," so is it fair to hope for online multiplayer…? Or are we pushing our luck, here? Well, either way, it's about time California Games returned, and we honestly hope it's not some terrible sequel with no effort behind it. This one deserves better than that.

No estimated release date was given, but when they finally release more details about this, we'll be sure to let you know.

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