Every RPG fan from here to Japan has been talking about Square-Enix's latest franchise announcement, The Last Remnant . More details were released a week ago at their Party event, as well as a sweet new preview trailer that evidently made quite the impact. And it seems they're moving right along with this title, too, as the official website has launched.

The site describes this supposedly epic, sweeping adventure as "encompassing grandeur and elegance," and they're currently presenting some music and character information. Two characters, specifically, named Rush and Lucius Malfoy, which may be the two primary characters; each designed for the U.S. and Japanese audiences respectfully. Rush is the one that targets Japan gamers, while Lucius is apparently the previously unnamed "Conquerer," who caters to Western fans.

Unfortunately, there isn't much more than this right now, but we expect the site to be updated shortly, and hopefully on a relatively consistent basis. Perhaps we'll soon see just how far along the team is with The Last Remnant , and if they really are on track for "early 2008." Remember, Final Fantasy XIII was moved up to December 2007 (according to the GameStop database, which is hardly official), so perhaps Square-Enix is working faster than everyone thinks…

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