The purpose of a good simulator is to provide an experience that closely resembles real life. Gran Turismo has been one of the best – if not the best – franchises in the realm of racing simulators, and car enthusiasts everywhere are anxiously awaiting the release of Gran Turismo 5 . But what changes will it boast over the previous installment? We know of a few, and here's the latest:

According to a special episode of Jeuxvideo.TV, it appears there will be a cockpit view in the game. This is an all-new option for the series, and would probably replace the previous choice of simulation fans, which was the in-car view that didn't show anything in the car. The video clearly shows a cockpit view from a Mercedes 300 SL, and Kazunori of Polyphony Digital verbally confirmed the use of this camera view in the game.

The more we hear about Gran Turismo 5 , the more we realize just how big a leap it will be from GT 4. It clearly goes well beyond a visual and graphical upgrade; we're talking about significant gameplay enhancements that will likely satisfy avid followers of the franchise. We'll bring you any more news and updates as they become available; you won't want to miss even the smallest detail!

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