Capcom was hoping Resident Evil 6 would be a massive blockbuster and depending on your point of view, it kinda was.

After all, few games ship over 4.5 million copies at launch, right? But obviously, the publisher expected the anticipated title to perform even better, as they're lowering their revenue and income forecasts for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013.

They may have also expected the game to continue to be popular for several months, and that hasn't happened, either:

"In the Digital Contents business, sales of the major new title Resident Evil 6 were initially strong but subsequently weakened. As a result, sales for this title are certain to fall short of the plan."

Capcom originally anticipated ¥105 billion ($16.8 billion) in net sales for the year, but now they've been forced to lower that number to ¥93.5 billion ($15 billion). Net income was expected to be around ¥9.8 billion ($1.6 billion) for the period and now, they've dropped it to ¥6.5 billion ($1 billion). It seems like Capcom thought RE6 would have Assassin's Creed -like sales numbers, but perhaps the mixed critical reception hurt RE6's chances of hitting 7 or 8 million.

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