The latest Game Informer issue offers a huge new feature for the highly anticipated Call of Duty 4 , and because we all know you love your details, here's a good summary to tide you over until the game's eventual release.

Main villain revealed: He's a Russian nationalist named Zakhaev who plans to restore the Soviet Union and place the country in the hands of his idol, Stalin. Zakhaev has the backing of a bunch of shadowy characters, including the Russian military and mafia, and a civil war promptly begins in the nation. He knows he'll need a way to deal with the U.S., so he hatches a diversion scheme…

Upgraded Technicals: Not surprising, really, but this latest installment will include more realistic animations and a super-smooth 60 frames per second. One of the coolest new additions is the physical shock wave caused by explosions; walls collapse, sending rubble and dust particles flying through the air, and vehicles will eventually blow up if you shoot them enough. Heck, you'll even be able to pick up grenades thrown at you – before they blow up, of course, – and throw 'em back!

HUD Minimized: The developers have decided to limit the amount of information displayed on screen, and therefore have erased the mini-map in single-player, and for weapons, you'll only briefly see a display when you make your arsenal selection. It'll fade soon after, so nothing will clutter up the intensity on screen.

Rocket Launchers always rule: But this new one will rule most of all. You'll be able to electronically tag your target using the weapon's HUD, and then proceed to unleash a ridiculous explosion that destroys the environment and kills everything within the blast radius. …wow.

It's not all standard FPS action: While in Russia, you'll take on some spy/undercover missions, and you'll also participate in squad-based missions while in the Middle East. So don't think it's all about runnin' 'n gunnin'.

In the end, we're very excited about this game. Even though it's getting away from its original roots, Call of Duty 4 seems destined to blaze a great new path for the series.

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