You don't need an exact release date to learn about super sweet pre-order incentives.

THQ has announced that Metro: Last Light is slated to launch in March 2013 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, and initial shipment copies of the anticipated title will be sold as a Limited Edition packed with exclusive content. If you pre-order the game, you'll be guaranteed that Limited Edition.

The upgraded package will feature Ranger Mode, "the fan-favorite game type from Metro 2033 that represents the ultimate, immersive Metro experience." You will also get the Ranger loadout, which includes bonus military-grade bullets and the deadly AKS-74U modified Russian rifle. Lastly, there's a great incentive for PS3 owners: If you pre-order the LE digital version on the PlayStation Network (beginning on December 18), you will also snag a free digital copy of the well-received Homefront . They'll even toss in a Metro: Last Light PSN theme. They're really trying to make it worth your while!

In the latest THQ production, you are beneath the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Moscow, where remnants of mankind struggle to survive and freakish mutants stalk the tunnels. Civil war is nigh and there's talk of a "doomsday device" that could make things much, much worse…

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