Sony has predicted a big upswing in the fiscal year 2008, and so far, it appears their recent Gamers Day event has helped to push a few more PS3 units. The event featured plenty of new trailers and screenshots, and all those goodies apparently convinced plenty of consumers to spring for Sony's next-gen system…well, in the UK, at least. has listed the PS3 as their coveted "most popular item;" a title reflecting a sales spike for the console, which is likely explained by Sony's Gamers Day. In contrast, the Xbox 360 Premium slipped to #6 on the list, the DS Lite "Black" fell in at #5, and the Wii – surprisingly – slipped to #8. It's hard to say how long this will last, but it's good to see more interest in the PS3, regardless.

Of course, the UK has already expressed a clear desire to own Sony's new console; it broke the launch sales record and continues to sell best in that region, which is in stark contrast to Japan. It remains to be seen if the U.S. Amazon reflects a similar sales spike, but we'll see what happens…

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