Thus far, the PlayStation Store has been enjoying fairly consistent updates, as gamers have been seeing new trailers, demos, and full downloadable titles since the PS3's launch last November. Major updates abound, like the first – and very good – arcade title, flOw , Sony's Christmas present to all in the form of a Gran Turismo HD demo, and the latest fantastic playable demo of Ninja Gaiden Sigma . But according to Sony, they're just heating up.

SCEA president and CEO, Jack Tretton, recently told GamePro that the amount of PlayStation Network content will soon be off the charts.

"We have 41 games in development devoted to the Network, not just talking about PSone games being enabled. We're talking about games developed specifically for the PS3," Tretton said.

He didn't go into specifics regarding estimated release dates, but he did say we should expect to see the majority of them later on this year, perhaps closer to the holidays. But that doesn't mean we'll have some giant dry spell between now and then; the updates will keep a-comin'.

"Every month you'll just see more and more content on there it'll get to the point where it's really rich by September. And I think that will be timed really nicely with the advent of Home as well."

Yes, yes it would. Hopefully, we'll start seeing more information regarding these 41 games, because that will likely generate plenty of interest in the PS3…and just in time for the biggest shopping days of the year, too.

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