Software sales had a poor showing last week, and hardware got
hit too. Overall sales fell considerably after the incredible
spike two weeks ago. Still, the Nintendo DS sold 164k handhelds,
and the Wii waggled 52.5k consoles. The PSP didn't really seem
shaken, as its sales remained fairly close to what they were two
weeks ago with 34.5k sold, largely thanks to the re-release of
Final Fantasy Tactics. It is the PlayStation 3 that is faring the
worst, with sales below the 10k mark.

The PS3 pulled in a mere 9k systems, truly pathetic. We're
holding out hope for the arrival of Folklore (formerly known as
Monster Kingdom) when it debuts in early June. Ninja Gaiden Sigma
will follow the week after, and we're hoping that both games
manage to make an impact on the sales of the console like Gundam
Musou did a few months back. Following those two titles will be
My Summer Vacation 3, Hot Shots Golf 5, and a new Wangan Midnight
racer from Genki. There'll be some American 3rd party games here
and there (Call of Duty 3, Tom Clancy: R6 Vegas, Marvel Ultimate
Alliance), but don't expect them to make any kind of presence.

Nintendo DS – 163,824
Nintendo Wii – 52,544
Sony PSP – 34,433
Sony PS2 – 10,414
Sony PS3 – 8,839
Xbox 360 – 2,105

April 26th – May 6th:

Nintendo DS – 285,192
Nintendo Wii – 101,320
Sony PSP – 35,172
Sony PS2 – 14,815
Sony PS3 – 12,974
Xbox 360 – 3,205

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