You all remember that wicked cool live action ad for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale , don't you?

It featured several recognizable and even iconic heroes played by various actors, and that includes one of this generation's biggest bad-asses of the action/adventure world: Uncharted 's Nathan Drake.

However, while Nolan North voices Drake in the games, Sony got another actor to throw down in the live-action trailer. His name is Ryan Culver, and he brings the wisecracking hero to life, facing off against Cole ( inFamous ), Kratos ( God of War ), and even Sackboy ( LittleBigPlanet ). You can learn more about Ryan and his current and upcoming projects over at his official website but we'll also be talking to him today. So if you have questions for him – based on that PlayStation All-Stars role – let us know.

And if you've forgotten, the trailer is right here-