Ah, Streets of Rage . That brings back memories of arcade goodness, doesn't it?

Side-scrolling brawlers were big in those days; it's not so common today, although we will recommend Double Dragon: Neon for all you old-school lovers out there.

As for Streets , did you know that developer Ruffian Games had been working on a remake? It has unfortunately been canceled (and we don't know why), but studio boss Gary Liddon has uploaded footage of the remake in action; this is a playable prototype of the new-look brawler. Said Liddon:

"It was something we built very rapidly and represents pre-pre-pre-pre (lots of pres) pre-alpha quality. Even so, it has a certain charm."

It's obvious that this is an early version of the game, but it certainly had promise. It's really not fair that we won't see this bad boy at some point; it coudl've been another great downloadable title, I think. Just to be able to wander the streets again, beating the tar out of anyone who shows up, would be a treat and a half for older gamers like me. Maybe someone will try to do a Freedom Force remake…

By the way, Ruffian is the team currently working on the potentially amazing Watch Dogs .