If this new rumored date is accurate, the previous estimate of "Spring 2013" is also accurate…but only just.

As noted by Examiner.com , we have a new rumored launch date for the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V : June 19.

This according to Amazon France and for the record, the 19th of June does fall on a Tuesday, so it's plausible. And as summer doesn't technically begin until June 21, it'll sneak into that Spring 2013 window by a couple of days. We'd like to assume GTAV would receive a worldwide simultaneous launch so a Tuesday release in Europe isn't out of the question. As far as most fans of the franchise are concerned, the sooner the better, as expectations are already through the roof.

It's just one of several gigantic titles slated for 2013 and if analysts are right, it'll be the absolute biggest. But could GTA challenge Call of Duty for the overall sales crown this generation…?

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8 years ago

They all seem to have their own placeholders.

8 years ago

not too hard to believe.
im still convinced may, earlier the better but junes certainly not out of the question.
gaming wise id be perfect timing simply because its a massive game and will take a long, long time to finish.
and junes normally deserted so id be the perfect time for it!
but id still prefer may.