Do you think the PS3 is too expensive? Are you willing to do a little something about it? A petition is currently online , asking for a price reduction, so feel free to add your signature to the list. The petition description reads:

"Many of us agree that the only way to increase a major spark in Sony's PS3, is to lower the price significantly. Today, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot stated, "They have to decrease the price quite significantly". I wonder what he's talking about? Could mean everything, could mean nothing. Either way, it's no longer a secret that the CEOs for the major developing companies are no longer ignoring the issue from a business standpoint. Help us make this a possibility. Even if it's a deduction of $100.00 off of the $599.00 price tag, that'll make a huge difference."

…"even" if it's a deduction of $100? That's actually quite significant in business terms. Still, Sony announced they should be able to cut PS3 production costs by maybe $100 per system, so perhaps everyone will get their wish. Analyst Michael Pachter also predicted a possible PS3 price drop by this summer , so things are looking up for Sony and consumers who haven't wanted to drop $600.

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