Eidos and Ion Storm released a game that took the industry by storm (pun intended) back in 2000; it was called Deus Ex , and it garnered plenty of critical acclaim and gamer adoration. The FPS/RPG hybrid even brought home a truckload of awards that year, so of course, we needed a sequel. We got one three years later in the form of Deus Ex: Invisible War , but while solid, it didn't quite live up to the original.

Perhaps that's because the series needed a new generation. During a recent interview on French-language TV station MusiquePlus, the director of Eidos France, Patrick Melchior, unveiled a brand new Deus Ex , much to the delight of fans. Apparently, it's the "first mission" of the major publisher's Montreal studio, although he didn't volunteer any further details.

Those previous installments first appeared on the PC then followed with releases on the Xbox, but we really don't know which platforms will get this new game. If it's like most other big-name titles of the generation so far, it will likely be available for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, but that's just a guess. Keep checking back for more info concerning this one…it's bound to cause a bit of a stir.

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