No one was surprised to see that the two new Pokemon titles
topped the chart for April. But perhaps some of us were surprised
to see that the two games took in 1,757,000 combined – that's a
pretty phenomenal number. Super Paper Mario for the Wii performs
superbly with 352k sold. Further down, we see that Guitar Hero 2
continues to sell extremely well and Activision scored more sales
with Spider-Man 3. Yes, Spider-Man 3 did come out in the first
week of May, but the NPD tracks sales into the first week of each
month, generally. God of War II and MLB 07: The Show remain on
the chart by taking in 101k and 79k respectively.

1. NDS Pokemon Diamond 1.045 M
2. NDS Pokemon Pearl 712K
3. WII Super Paper Mario 352K
4. WII Wii Play w/remote 249K
5. X360 Guitar Hero 2 w/guitar 197K
6. PS2 Guitar Hero 2 w/guitar 142K
7. X360 Spider-Man 3 117K
8. PS2 Spider-Man 3 105K
9. PS2 God of War II 101K
10. PS2 MLB '07: The Show 79K

March 2007 :
1. PS2 God of War II 833K
2. 360 Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 394K
3. 360 Guitar Hero 2/ Guitar 291K
4. WII Wii Play w/ Remote 273K
5. PS3 MotorStorm 199K
6. NDS Diddy Kong Racing 189K
7. NDS Spectrobes 165K
8. 360 MLB 2K7 165K
9. PS2 MLB '07: The Show 164K
10. 360 Def Jam ICON 148K

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